Download WhatsApp For PC (Windows 7, 8,10 & MAC)

WhatsApp For PC


WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging service that claims a billion users, has launched desktop clients for Mac and Windows on 05/11/2016. The release comes about 15 months after WhatsApp released its first web app.

WhatsApp is a  completely free instant messaging application for smartphones, with it, you can write text messages, send images, videos and audio messages to your contacts of  Whatsapp Messenger.

WhatsApp is not only available for  Android, iPhone, and other Smart Phones; it can also be used as Whatsapp for PC. Amazing is not it?

In short we will be explaining in a step by step tutorial, How to download and install the Whatsapp App for PC using an Android emulator.

NOTE: See also ” WhatsApp Web



WhatsApp For PCIf you do not have a smartphone, you can also access Whatsapp on your computer. For this, you need to install an Android emulator that plays on your PC all the functions of the system developed for mobile devices.

Android emulators were created primarily to serve as a test platform for professionals who develop applications. Over time, began to be used by users who want to access the Android system on the computer. Using the emulator, you can also install any application for Android, in addition to Whatsapp.

Among the best known are the emulators Genymotion, Bluestacks, and YouWave. Check out their differences, and choose any of it you like to run Whatsapp on the computer!


WhatsApp For PCWarning: You can not use WhatsApp with an account (phone number) on two different devices. Therefore, you should choose to uninstall it from your phone and only use WhatsApp on your PC or use a different phone number that you have.


The Genymotion is quick and easy to use the emulator, and one of its main advantages is its multiplatform compatibility. The program is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. The downside is due to the bureaucracy to download the software, which involves register on the site.

WhatsApp For PC


  1. Enter the site  Genymotion  ( ), make a registration and download the free software. Then do the installation program.
  1. On the first access, the software says there are not yet available devices and asks if you want to add.Click “yes”. The next step is to login (the same as you registered on Website Software) and clicks “Connect”.
  1. Then the program will display the Android versions available. Select the one you want and click “next”.Wait for the download of data packets about this release. In the end, your virtual machine appears installed all you have to do is just click “Play” to await loading.
  1. With a loaded platform, look for the Google PlayStore icon. Click the icon, type WhatsApp on search and download the application.
  1. When the process finishes, simply click on the icon WhatsApp and enjoy the tool!


The Bluestacks App Player is an Android emulator that allows users to configure the interface to suit your needs. The software is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows.

WhatsApp For PC


  1. Download the software on the site BlueStacks  ( ). Then do the installation of Bluestacks.
  1. At the start, the program opens its interface with some icons. Click the “Search” icon and type ‘WhatsApp’ in the search field.
  1. The BlueStacks allows you to install applications from different stores. Prefer the official Google store (Google PlayStore). Then click on the “WhatsApp Messenger” icon.
  1. On a page of WhatsApp Messenger, click “Install”.
  1. When the process finishes, simply click the WhatsApp icon and enjoy your Whatsapp for PC


The YouWave perfectly emulates the Android system. Through its interface, you can see exactly how it would be a smartphone with Android. The software is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32/64 bit. The downside is a license account because it is a paid software ($ 19.99). The trial version is ten days.

WhatsApp For PC


  1. To start using the YouWave, you need to download the emulator at the download link YouWave  ( ). Then install the YouWave on your computer.
  1. The next step is to Download Whatsapp for Android via the link WhatsApp Messenger. Do not worry if your computer does not detect any software to open the application. For now, save it to your PC.
  1. Then open the “Youwave_Android” software. So open, click File / Paths to Apps … ‘
  1. Browse to the folder containing the downloaded file “WhatsApp” and click “Open”.
  1. The “YouWave” will detect the file and embed it.

New Update!

WhatsApp officially announced there is official Web version for Whatsapp for PC  on 21/01/2015(currently Only for Windows phone and Android users).

Android and Windows Phone Users can start using it if they wish. All they need to start using WhatsApp on PC is to go to: then a QR code will appear there and they will have to scan it in their device.

Update your WhatsApp app to the newest version, open the app and then scan the QR code from the WhatsApp app. For the Detailed Procedure Follow the below YouTube Video:


For some time, there is a Web WhatsApp to make our lives easier. Worth using if you are on the computer is very easy to use. Check out how it works Web WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp For PC (Windows 7, 8,10 & MAC)
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